Did you know that websites are the most complex form of communication in human history? I’m here to manage all aspects of that complexity for you. This doesn’t mean that I’m foolish enough to try to do everything myself. No way! I am always developing relationships with good people who specialize in different areas of website development and bringing them into the project to make sure every part of your website is done with perfection within the constraints of your budget. How is that possible? It all starts with a plan.

Website Strategy and Planning

There are a couple key challenges in getting your business website working for you effectively.

  1. Understanding all of the options out there
  2. Keeping your website up-to-date once it is on the internet

Unless you have already made a detailed plan of how you are going to implement your website and where you want to go with it, we need to start by making a website plan.

Website Development

Once you have a plan, it’s time to develop the plan. I’m a website developer because I can do the programming for your website to make it do what you need it to do. I’m also a developer because I take the plan and develop it into a living, breathing website. This may mean:

  1. Developing your branding and logo
    • I’ll show you what you need to do and hook you up with good people who will get it done right.
  2. Refining the website design
    • Web designers work best interacting with an experienced developer can speak their language.
  3. Implementing the site design
    • I can do the front-end development, taking a concept and implementing it with (x)HTML and CSS
  4. Doing custom development
    • I can develop custom solutions for you so that your products and data can be published on the internet without doing contortions.


I love to assist and educate people to understand technology. If you are running into obstacles in understanding or using technology, let’s talk. If you are looking for someone to speak about the web technologies at your business event, let’s talk!