Hyde Park Distribution


Hyde Park Distribution is the exclusive Canadian distributor for several top quality hardwood flooring manufacturers. I wanted to make sure the web design was top-notch and brought in an expert web designer to do the design. I then did the HTML and CSS coding and implemented a custom database using Ruby on Rails and RadiantCMS to manage their inventory and display it online. This was also a great opportunity to implement mega menus for a client using jQuery.


  • Client can load dealers into the database and use Google Maps API to do a dealer search
  • Database of floors can be loaded and updated by the client
    • all thumbnails and image versions are generated automatically
  • Clean, SEO friendly URLs
  • Mega-menus for drop-down navigation
    • These are more user friendly because they don’t flip away if your mouse moves out of the bounds etc.

Current Status

We’re live. Check it out at hydeparkdistribution.com