Hans On Tile


It’s not everyday that you get to do a website for someone who you’ve actually had a chance to hire and use their services. In the case of Hans, I had a bathroom that was out-of commission for months, so it was a great opportunity for both of us. I got the help of an expert tile setter to finish of my bathroom, and Hans got the help of an expert web developer to build him a polished website.


  • It’s easy to load new projects and images onto the site. The formatting is done automatically.
  • Contact form (that’s always included)
  • Google sitemap
  • Clean urls (always included)

What’s Missing

It pains me, but the site isn’t perfect. I did the design for the site myself (something I usually get a professional designer to do) and worked on the site while Hans was working on my bathroom. I won’t point out all the imperfections, but I did to a site survey of the competition before I embarked on the project and I’m pretty sure that even with imperfections, Hans site rises to the top!

Current Status

We’re live. Check it out at hansontile.ca