Design and Development Portfolio

Here are a few examples of my work. I did not do the graphic design for these websites, but I did work on the big picture, organization and planning of the websites as well as the front-end and back-end development. That is, creating the HTML and CSS and implementing them all in a CMS.

Web Development


Curious Minds Supports for Autism

Curious Minds is the business of my brother in law. He’s a real people person who years ago got into working with autistic people and children. He just loves working with these people and families. He definitely has the heart for it—a big heart—and has a real talent for seeing them and connecting. I tried to put together a site that was really clean and professional but at the same time had a playful and even slightly quirky spin.


Hyde Park Distribution

Hyde Park Distribution is the exclusive Canadian distributor for several top quality hardwood flooring manufacturers. I wanted to make sure the web design was top-notch and brought in an expert web designer to do the design. I then did the HTML and CSS coding and implemented a custom database using Ruby on Rails and RadiantCMS to manage their inventory and display it online. This was also a great opportunity to implement mega menus for a client using jQuery.


McClughan and Company

Cathleen McClughan is a lawyer based out of White Rock that has extensive experience in personal injury and family law. She is running a busy and successful practice and wanted to have a website to help her practice continue to grow. I took over the process for her so that she didn’t have to deal with the complexities of developing a website that would showcase her law practice the way she wanted it to be showcased.


Grief is Work

Kevin Hegseth is a public speaker and grief specialist. For years he has walked side by side with those that are grieving and given them exactly what they needed, a listening ear and someone who could give them the tools to go through their grief. His mission is to teach and give everyone the tools to understand and support those who grieve.


Jane Appleby

Jane Appleby is a local Burnaby artist with a gift for bringing out the hidden and spiritual in the natural beauty around us. She loves nature and loves to capture it’s beauty on canvas and through a photographic lens. Her website has allowed her to easily publish over one hundred pieces of art and photography to her site as well as a daily spiritual reflection and photograph.


Larry Bowen

Larry Bowen is a driver rehab specialist. You may be tempted to think this has something to do with drinking and driving. That’s not the case. In fact, Larry assists those who have been in accidents or have had illnesses that prevent or affect their ability to drive a vehicle. He can evaluate their ability to get driving again and re-train them to drive. Larry is one of the foremost experts in the world when it comes to driver rehab.


Joyful Noise Books and Gifts

Joyful Noise is a quaint Catholic book and gift store in Coquitlam. It features the friendliest service you will find anywhere and a cozy little location in an historic home in Maillardville. Joyful Noise initially tried building their website with one of those build-it-yourself tools that are advertised everywhere. It was frustrating and didn’t showcase their store as it could have. I helped them out, encouraged them to use their blog and set them up with an email newsletter system for staying in touch with their loyal clientele.


Hans On Tile

It’s not everyday that you get to do a website for someone who you’ve actually had a chance to hire and use their services. In the case of Hans, I had a bathroom that was out-of commission for months, so it was a great opportunity for both of us. I got the help of an expert tile setter to finish of my bathroom, and Hans got the help of an expert web developer to build him a polished website.

Don’t see anything that appeals to you?

This is just a sample of my work. If you are looking for something with a different look, approach or degree of complexity, please let me know. I promise to be honest if I don’t think I can do a fantastic job on your project.